He Jibo

Cognitive & Engineering Psychologist

Introduce research carried out by Jibo He

Driver Distraction and Driving Safety

People usually drive under distraction, either from state of the drivers (for example, mindwandering, passenger conversation, drunk, or drowsy), or from modern information technology (for example, cell phone conversation, GPS etc.). I am currently investigating how mindwandering influences driving performance, and ways to mitigate the possible decrement caused by mindwandering. I also try to determine the personality disposition to engage in risky driving behaviours, such as, talking on the phone behind the wheel.

Eye movement and Attention

I use eye-tracking technology in both basic and applied research. Eye movement provides a window to the engagement/disengagement of attention and perceptions. It is also valuable to evaluate product usability. I used Eyelink and Smart Eye eye-trackers in my research. I am also interested in using computer vision technique to convert eye-tracker, especially webcam, as a human-interaction interface.

Human Computer Interaction

I am interested in bring psychological techniques and knowledge to the research of Human Computer Interaction, to make HCI more efficient, usable, and user-satisfactory. I use the techniques of cognitive task analysis, eye-tracking, and URL log record etc. method to study human computer interaction. I am also a search eninge optimization (SEO) expert. I have worked at Microsoft Research Asia to design and code the interface of two search engines, Lyra and Igroup. Lyra is a prototype web search engine, featuring query suggestions. IGroup is an image search engine, using query clustering to solve the ambiguity problem of using text to search image. I put forward the URL log record method to assess cost of web search when I interned at Microsoft. Afterwards, I developed a software, Surflogger, to record URLs, mouse position etc. Surflogger can be a helpful tool for researchers in HCI.

Visual Search

Research in visual search is pivotal to understand the mechanism of attention and perceptions. I am interested in phenomenon, such as , inattentional blindness, change detection, and attention capture. The theories in basic research in visual search can also shed light on my interest in driving safety.